About Middle Aged Me

Baby boomer. Middle aged. In my Golden Years. Empty nester.

Is my life over? HECK NO! It’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter! I don’t view being middle aged as a reason to stop living. In fact, I feel like I’ve just started! Other than the years spent raising my two kids, my mid-fifties has turned out to be the most exciting and fulfilling time of my life.

I had been divorced for many years and after a couple of failed relationships I decided that I did indeed want to get married again. Middle aged coupleBut I also realized that my ‘picker’ was faulty (oy vey, was it ever!) and, on a whim, turned it over to God. He couldn’t do any worse than I had, right?! To help Him out I joined an online dating service – Our Time – which is geared for middle aged people. To make a long story short(er), I saw Charles’ (aka Sir CB) sh*t-eating grin and was intrigued; then I was captivated by his sense of humor and ultimately fell in love with his kind heart. It didn’t hurt that he was cute too! We were married at the end of November in 2015, one year to the day after our first date.

Future Home of a Middle Aged CouplePrior to getting married, we started searching for our home – one that was geared for middle aged empty nesters. With both of us hailing Southern California we really wanted a home by the water. We looked at tons of houses but none were set up for aging in place without a lot of remodeling. One day we happened upon this beautiful waterfront lot on Lake Ray Hubbard. The location was perfect (so perfect that Sir CB chose it for the spot to propose to me)! We decided to build a home on it that reflected us, our lifestyle now and whatever the future holds for us.

Join me as I share our adventures (or misadventures) in building our forever house and making it a home plus some of the creative facets of my life. Welcome to The House of Chant!

The House of Chant